Battlefield V

Battlefield V sees the series return to a World War II setting for the first time in nearly a decade.
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Battlefield V is the first World War II game in the Battlefield franchise since Battlefield 1943. In addition to the traditional 64-player multiplayer experience headlined by the Conquest game mode, Battlefield V includes a single player campaign, a cooperative mode, and a battle royale mode.

By the end of 2018 the game had sold 7.3 million copies but was considered a commercial disappointment. On April 23, 2020, DICE announced the end of content updates for Battlefield V following the upcoming June update.


New Features


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In previous Battlefield entries, if the player was injured and managed to escape further injury for a period of time, they could recover to full health.

In this entry, the health system is staggered with multiple levels. The player, on their own, can only recover up to a maximum of the current level of health they're in, enhancing the importance of the Medic class and their med-packs. One of these packs can be carried by all players to heal themselves in the field. This can be replenished by a Medic or by interacting with a medic crate.

The game introduces significant changes to player reviving. All players can revive their squad mates regardless of their class though medics have a faster animation than other class types.


Player movement is slightly more robust than in previous entries. Climbing over walls and sliding, introduced in Battlefield 1, return in addition to new features such as crouch sprinting and lying prone on one's back. Nearby V-1 and JB-2 rocket explosions can knock the player to the ground.


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Air and ground vehicles have limited ammo in Battlefield V. On the ground, vehicle ammo can be replenished at resupply stations that can be destroyed and rebuilt by players. In the air, both factions have a resupply station at their base that replenishes ammo by flying over it.


A completely new feature to the Battlefield series is the ability to build fortifications at predetermined locations around the map. The types of fortifications include military assets and structures that can be built on every map. These include sandbags, barbed wire, fox holes, trenches, tank stoppers, machine gun nests, and reinforced destroyed buildings.

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All classes have the ability to build the basic items; however, the Support class is the only one that can build offensive fortifications, such as machine guns and field canons. Additionally, the Support class has a far superior build speed in comparison to other classes.

Squad Reinforcements

Replacing the Behemoth super vehicles in Battlefield 1 are squad reinforcements. As a squad earns points, the squad leader can spend these points on different support options.

  • Rocket Strike: Depending on the faction, a V-1 or JB-2 rocket will be launched to the designated location, creating a massive, devastating explosion.
  • Sector Artillery: A powerful artillery barrage that strikes the designated location.
  • Supply Drop: An airdropped canister that provides ammunition and health packs.
  • Smoke Barrage: A smoke screen blankets an area.
  • Heavy Tank: Depending on the faction, a Churchill Crocodile or Sturmtiger tank is deployed for the squad to use.
  • Anti-Tank: Depending on the faction, a Pakwagen or British half-track is deployed for the squad to use. These vehicles are designed to take out enemy armor.

Grand Operations

Returning from Battlefield 1 is the Operations mode, but modified to take place over the course of four fictional days. The results of each day affect following days, and it is possible to be unable to complete all four days.

Cooperative Missions

Cooperative mode returns in the form of "Combined Arms." Four players can team up to fight against AI targets and achieve mission goals as a cohesive unit.

The Company

A system that allows players to create stables of customized characters, which includes class selection, load outs, vehicle options, and character model customizations.

Tides of War

The game's version of live events takes place over the course of several months each. Tides of War includes a track of cosmetic items that are unlocked by completing challenges during the ongoing Tides of War chapter.

Chapter 1: Overture

December 5, 2018 - January 6, 2019


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  • The Last Tiger: A new War Story single player campaign featuring a German tank commander in the final days before the fall of Berlin.
  • Panzerstorm: An open vehicle-focused multiplayer map set in the Belgian countryside, playable in all modes.
  • Practice Range: An area set in the Hamada multiplayer map where players can practice shooting and operating vehicles.
  • Vehicle Customization: Adds the ability to change paint job on land and air vehicles and nose art on planes.

New Weapons

  • Week 1: VGO medium machine gun
  • Week 3:Selbstlader 1906 self-loading rifle
  • Week 4: AG m/42 semi-automatic rifle

Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes

January 17, 2019 - March 21, 2019


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  • Squad Conquest: A version of Conquest featuring three flags and smaller teams.
  • Combined Arms: A 3-player cooperative mode against AI.
  • Battle of Hannut: A new Grand Operation taking place on Panzerstorm and Arras.
  • Rush: An attack and defend mode first introduced in Battlefield: Bad Company.

New Weapons and Vehicles

  • Week 1: Zk-383 submachine gun
  • Week 2: Modele 1944 semi-automatic rifle
  • Week 4: M1922 medium machine gun
  • Week 5: Sturmgeschutz IV tank
  • Week 6: Archer tank
  • Week 7: Ross Mk III bolt-action rifle
  • Week 8: Mosquito Mk IV plane
  • Week 9: Ju88c plane

Chapter 3: Trial By Fire

March 28, 2019 - June 20, 2019


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  • Firestorm: Battlefield V's battle royale mode.
  • New Combined Arms missions: New missions for the game's cooperative mode.
  • Mercury: A new medium-size multiplayer map set during the Battle of Greece, playable in all modes.
  • Outpost: A new multiplayer mode where teams destroy and rebuild radio towers to accrue points.

New Weapons

  • Week 3: Fire Axe melee weapon
  • Week 4: Commando Carbine bolt-action rifle
  • Week 5: LS/26 light machine gun
  • Week 6: M28 con Tromboncino bolt-action rifle
  • Week 7: P08 pistol carbine
  • Week 9: Boys AT rifle
  • Week 10: Fallskrimjaeger Switchblade
  • Week 12: MAB 38 submachine gun

Chapter 4: Defying The Odds

June 27, 2019 - September 19, 2019


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  • Al Sundan: A large desert map based on a mission from the single player campaign, playable in all modes. (Al Sundan was not playable in Conquest until September 26, 2019 due to a critical bug discovered before release.)
  • Marita: An infantry-only close-quarters map set during the Battle of Greece, playable in all modes.
  • Provence: A small-scale urban map set in France, playable in smaller modes.
  • Lofoten Islands: A map set amidst the Lofoten Islands off the coast of Norway, playable in smaller modes.

New Weapons

  • Week 1: S2-200 light machine gun
  • Week 3: Karabin 1938M semi-automatic rifle
  • Week 11: Panzerbüchse 39 anti-tank rifle
  • Week 12: Breda M1935 PG burst-fire rifle

Chapter 5: War in the Pacific

October 31, 2019 - January 23, 2020


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  • New Factions: United States Armed Forces; Imperial Japanese Army
  • Iwo Jima: A large open multiplayer map set on the titular island of Iwo Jima.
  • Pacific Storm: A map set across a chain of islands
  • Wake Island: The return of the fan favorite Wake Island map.

New Weapons

  • Chapter Launch: M1 Garand; Type 100; M1919A6; Type 99 Arisaka
  • Chapter Rank Rewards: Jungle Carbine; Model 27; Type 94
  • Battle Pickup: M2 Flamethrower; Katana
  • Week 7: BAR M1918A2 light machine gun
  • Week 9: Type 97 MG
  • Week 10: Type 2A submachine gun
  • Week 12: M3 Grease Gun

New Vehicles

  • M4 Sherman
  • LVT
  • Type 97
  • Ka-Mi
  • GPW
  • Corsair F4U
  • Zero
  • LCVP
  • Dinghy
  • Type 95 car
  • Sherman Calliope
  • HaChi

Chapter 6: Into The Jungle



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Battlefield V's battle royale mode is called Firestorm the development of which was outsourced to Criterion Games. Firestorm maintains the 64 player count and features the largest map in series history, named Halvøy. As with other battle royale games, players parachute onto the map and must scavenge for their equipment.

Weapons are tiered, with higher level weapons featuring more attachments and better handling. Many of the gadgets from multiplayer can be found, including explosive launchers and anti-tank mines. Flare guns can also be found that allow players to call for a supply drop, vehicle drop, artillery strike, or rocket strike.

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Many civilian and armored vehicles can be driven in Firestorm. Special vehicle bunkers containing tanks are also located around the map. Opening these bunkers requires slowly turning two wheels while an alarm sounds, potentially alerting nearby opponents. All vehicles, including tanks, run on fuel which can be replenished with fuel cans. Firestorm is the only mode in Battlefield V that features a rudimentary helicopter.

Environment destruction is present in Firestorm. The storm itself, a ring of fire, destroys everything in its path as it closes in.

Premium Pass

Battlefield V is the first Battlefield game since Battlefield 3 to not have a Premium Pass. All maps and weapons are free, erasing the player divide that drew criticism in previous games. The game includes a premium currency called Battlefield Coins that are used to purchase cosmetic skins only for soldiers and weapons.

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