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Game Mess Mornings 07/17/24

2024-07-17 05:09 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Lucy James to talk about Nintendo's latest, No Man's Sky getting another giant update, and a new collection for some infamous retro games.

Giant Bombcast 849: Government-Mandated Mario

2024-07-16 38:45 Giant Bombcast

Grubb, Dan, Mike and Shawn are here to talk to you about getting into FromSoftware games, the return of weird Capcom, and almost losing to a baby in Mario Party. After that, good discussions about a slow news week, and your emails!

Game Mess Mornings 07/15/24

2024-07-15 54:23 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Emma Fyffe to talk about the early cancellation of a Crash 5 project, a potential first look at Bioshock 4 floating around online, and more!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Concord Day

2024-07-12 45:16 Features

Niki, TurboShawn, Jan, and Grubb dive into the Concord Beta for the first time to see how it stacks up to other hero shooters and if it's just a weird Guardians of the Galaxy-esque game.

Giant Bombcast 848: REVENGEANCE (Concord Beta Impressions)

2024-07-12 46:14 Giant Bombcast

This week on Bombcast Revengeance we discuss our initial impressions on our short trip through Concord!

Game Mess Mornings 07/12/24

2024-07-12 58:46 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Tamoor Hussain to celebrate DregsDay! They chat about Planet Coaster 2 letting you build water parks, Starfy finally heading Stateside, external translators for Nintendo aren't being credited, the Concord Beta opening up, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 121 | Speed Dog.mp3

2024-07-11 23:31 Features

Tam joins us on the dump truck as we recount meeting our heroes, proper bathroom etiquette after doing your business, dangerous theme park rides, and many more of your calls!

Game Mess Mornings 07/11/24

2024-07-11 05:26 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Jason Fanelli to chat about PlayStation opening up the Concord Beta for everyone, job listings suggesting Armored Core might get some DLC, Palworld and PlayStation teaming up, a cancelled League of Legends spin-off, and some HOGS!

Euro Truck Simulator 2, Rooftops & Alleys, and MORE!

2024-07-10 14:52 Features

We drive through tiny roads, climb and dive off of roofs, and also capture butterflies in a bunch of random games we found in a bag!

Game Mess Mornings 07/10/24

2024-07-10 00:39 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Jan Ochoa to chat about Xbox Game Pass going up in price, Nintendo teasing a creepy smiling man, new details from Star Wars Outlaws, and much more!